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Marvel Comics

New X-Men #20 Billy Tan X-23 Variant 2006 NM

New X-Men #20 Billy Tan X-23 Variant 2006 NM

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Billy Tan X-23 Variant

"CHILDHOOD'S END" Part 1 (of 4)
NEW CREATIVE TEAM! Red-hot X-23 writers Craig Kyle and Chris Yost and rising star Mark Brooks (ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL, AMAZING FANTASY) take the New X-Men in a bold new direction. Spinning directly out of House of M #8, the New X-Men deal with the changed world. Will X-23 join the team? Will the friendships persevere? Will the kids survive? No one is safe and not everyone will live through this incredible change in the status quo. Brace yourself, the rules have changed and the safety is off.

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