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Prey For the Sinner Primer #nn Artgerm NYCC Exclusive CGC 9.8

Prey For the Sinner Primer #nn Artgerm NYCC Exclusive CGC 9.8

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PREY FOR THE SINNER is a story of Dr. Synthia "SYN" Kemp a resident prison psychologist at prison asteroid Devil's Den Maximum Security Facility. The "Den" houses the most heinous criminals in the universe...if you're a prisoner at Devil's Den then you're the worst of the worst. During a prison riot Synthia gets violently assaulted and left for dead by the most ruthless prisoners in the "Den". Somehow she survives (a mystery that will unfold). She comes out of her coma and discovers some new found abilities. These new capabilities help her facilitate the only thing on her mind vengeance...bloody... violent... vengeance! What ensues is an intergalactic game of cat and mouse with mind bending twists and turns that you'll never see coming....SYN chasing her assailants while being chased by the authorities as her mysterious origin unfolds.

CGC 9.8 New York Comic Con Exclusive Variant Limited to 200 Cover by Artgerm

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