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Marvel Comics

Uncanny X-Men #134 1st App Dark Phoenix 1980 VF

Uncanny X-Men #134 1st App Dark Phoenix 1980 VF

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First Appearance of Jean Grey as Dark Phoenix!

The Dark Phoenix Saga: Part 6 of 9 - "Too Late, The Heroes!" Story by Chris Claremont and John Byrne. Art by John Byrne and Terry Austin. The X-Men finally turn the tables on their captors, but too late to help Jean Grey. For months the Master of Illusion, Mastermind, in the guise of Jason Wyngarde, has been psychically seducing Jean. However, his mental tampering has unleashed the most dangerous creature this universe has ever seen. Thus, the Dark Phoenix is born, and no force on earth may be able to stop her. 

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